The Evergreen company deals with the production and transformation of the green Pistacchio of Bronte. This product grows only on Etna’s slopes and it is picked, selected and transformed for raw product materials and semi-finished of high quality, to be used in cake shops and in other culinary uses.

Our family establishment , has more than twenty years of experience in this sector, our slogan is “respect the tradition and look for the innovation”. The tradition is represented by this wonderful fruit valued all over the world, and the innovation is based on our elaboration that exalts the taste. Our company Evergreen can offer the shelled fruit, pistachio flour and the excellent “pasta of Pistacchio” can be used to produces ice-creams and sorbets. Further this base product can offer “torroncini di pistachio” and cakes, “paste di pistacchio”,” panettoni” e “torroni” for the most demanding palates.

Mr Bonaccorso Pietro, the director of our company, belongs to the association of producers oriental Sicily’s dried fruit “Le Sciare” sponsoring the award D.O.P (…), of Bronte’s pistachio, that today belongs to, as well as supported by Slow Food of Bronte’s pistachio.